Good news, doughnut-lovers, it turns out you can have your cake, eat it and lose weight too – according to a recent scientific study.

The study, published by the American Psychological Association's Journal of Experimental Psychology, revealed that participants who consumed an indulgent treat for dessert ate 30% less than those who didn't. The researchers also found that choosing the indulgent dessert before ordering sides and main dishes helped participants opt for lower-calorie foods later on.

Researchers alternated between putting healthier sweet treats - such as fruit - and more indulgent desserts - like cheesecake - at the beginning and end of cafeteria lines to see if choosing an indulgence over a healthy option would affect one's caloric intake for that meal. They also wanted to find out if food placement affected healthy eating choices.

The study found that when the cheesecake and apples were placed at the beginning of the line, those who chose the indulgent dessert opted for smaller portions and lower-calorie options. However, when the sweet treats were placed at the end of the line, most diners didn't order lower-calorie main dishes or sides.

Even more interestingly, participants who were stressed or distracted and chose the indulgent dessert at the beginning of the line were more likely also to select higher-calorie main and side dish options. (There are dozens of studies that point to the importance of being present while you eat).

The researchers replicated this study several times to discover how participants would follow this concept via online ordering apps, such as UberEats and found the same results. When the order of desserts was listed before the main dishes on an app simulation, participants were more prone to order lower-calorie meals if they first ordered a dessert.

This means that allowing yourself one small treat every day instead of restricting certain foods, could be more beneficial to maintaining a healthy weight. BRB, gone to buy a slice of cheesecake.


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